Go M.A.D.

A Cup of Cold Water at Christmas: M.A.D. Giving

November 22, 2022 Doug and Brad Hutchcraft Season 2 Episode 4
Go M.A.D.
A Cup of Cold Water at Christmas: M.A.D. Giving
Show Notes

A cup of cold water at Christmas - you might be thinking, “Wouldn’t that just be ice?” To which we would respond, “Yes. But no.” After Doug ensures that we give our best non-spiritual gift giving stories, Doug and Brad dive into some practical steps for making a difference with our giving. Jesus told us that our heart will be where our treasure is and we want to take that seriously. Most of us are thinking about giving at Christmas but what could we do this holiday that would make generosity last the whole year and make a difference in lots of lives? Let’s find out, and Go M.A.D.!

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