Go M.A.D.

Honor Challenge: Marriage Power-Up Pt. 1

February 07, 2023 Doug and Brad Hutchcraft Season 2 Episode 9
Go M.A.D.
Honor Challenge: Marriage Power-Up Pt. 1
Show Notes

It’s February. That may be your favorite or least favorite month, but either way, we’re glad you’re here. In this episode, Doug and Brad dive into their most romantic hallmark moments with their wives and it definitely does not turn into a competition. Doug also pitches an idea for locomotive-based Valentine’s cards. It’s really something. Maybe you saw marriage in the title and thought, “That’s not me.” Doug and Brad hone in on honoring your spouse, but the principles can apply to pretty much any kind of relationship, as we live out the role of Christ’s ambassadors to the people closest to us.

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